About Miffy

miffy-with-toys.jpg Miffy is a cute white rabbit, originally created in 1955 by Dutch author, artist and illustrator Dick Bruna, whilst on holiday with his family in Egmond aan Zee. Bruna drew a little bunny rabbit whilst telling his son a bed time story about a little rabbit who runs around the holiday home at night.

Miffy is a girl because Bruna preferred to draw Miffy wearing a skirt than trousers. Up until 1963 Miffy had floppy ears, but from 1963 they perked up and Miffy looked like the rabbit we are used to seeing today.

Dick Bruna has written more the 30 Miffy books, including Miffy at the Gallery, Miffy at the Zoo and Miffy's Garden. Because of Miffy's uncomplicated, innocent and positive nature, she appeals to children all over the world. Young children can relate to Miffy's exciting adventures.

Miffy is called 'nijntje' in the Netherlands, which derives from the Dutch word 'Koninijntje' which means 'Little Bunny'. However, those outside of the Netherlands often struggle with the pronunciation of this word, so she is known as Miffy as it is easy to pronounce in lots of different languages.

For more information please visit miffy.com where you can play online games, download colouring sheets and engage in many other fun activities.