Miffy at 60

60-years-of-miffy.png Miffy turns 60 in 2015 and we'll be celebrating this all year! You can read all about the special events that will be organised to mark this important milestone here and in our Miffy Blog.

The logo for 60 years of Miffy shows how Miffy has evolved and developed over time. In the beginning she looked like a soft toy with floppy ears, but quite soon her form changed to a more human-like body, a round face and longer, more pointed ears. Around 1970, Dick Bruna decided that Miffy would be a girl bunny, because he preferred drawing dresses to trousers. In the later years, her whole silhouette grew softer and more rounded, particularly her ears and face, so they were more balanced, although the stark contrast of Bruna's bold lines against a white or coloured background remains constant.

To celebrate Miffy's birthday in 2015, Bruna's Dutch publishing company, Mercis bv, has released a short one minute film which showcases the most iconic Miffy illustrations from the last 60 years. The '60 Seconds of Miffy' project involved sifting through thousands of images to find and distil the very essence of Dick Bruna's much loved icon.