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Anybody fancy a cup of tea?

With Miffy coasters, every mealtime is a fun adventure! Brighten up your table with the world's favourite cute and cuddly little white bunny, and add a smile to even the dullest day.

Our bright and cheerful Miffy coasters make great gifts for friends and family, whether children or adults – everybody loves Miffy!

Miffy was created over sixty years ago, by the gifted Dutch writer and illustrator, Dick Bruna. Bruna created over 120 books and illustrations in his career, with Miffy becoming the number one bunny to melt the world's heart. The idea for the Miffy books came from a little bunny who used to hop around the garden of Bruna's holiday home in North Holland: a bunny that came to live on forever, immortalised in Bruna's sweet and simple drawings.

Perfect for a child's birthday present, or simply for a friend who loves quirky accessories in their home, Miffy coasters are a great way to share the Miffy love!

You can add to your Miffy collection with our range of gorgeous and exclusive homewares, artwork and accessories. Let Miffy bring a little bunny-shaped sunshine to your life, and pass on the love of your favourite childhood friend to the next generation!

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