What better way to show your love for Miffy than with our range of gorgeous lifestyle accessories? Introduce the world's favourite baby bunny to your home with coasters, fridge magnets and postcards, or take your best bunny friend wherever you go with a Miffy keyring or notepad.

Our range of exclusive Miffy merchandise is bound to raise a smile on even the dullest day. Perfect for kids and grown-ups alike, Miffy products make great birthday gifts, or even just a little treat for yourself.

Originated by Dutch illustrator, Dick Bruna, over sixty years ago, Miffy was born from the stories Bruna told to his son about a bunny living in the garden of his holiday home. He created over 120 books and illustrations in his career, including Boris and Barbara the bears, Poppy the pig, and Snuffy the dog. However, Miffy has been by far the most popular of all his creation, taking the world by storm.

Miffy has won the hearts of children and their parents for generations, and now you too can share your love for your favourite childhood character. With a little Miffy magic in your home or handbag, you'll be bringing a little ray of bunny-shaped sunshine into your world every single day!

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