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What a perfect gift for the Miffy lover in your life! Pick from our range of Miffy mini posters, featuring your favourite moments from the Miffy story books. Our collection includes "Miffy at an Art Gallery", "Miffy and Friends at the Circus", "Miffy on her Bike in the Rain", and many more! Choose the Miffy mini poster that your Miffy-loving friend will like the best and give her a treat she'll adore.

Miffy mimi posters are a great addition to the nursery wall, or in a child's bedroom. However, they're also great for big Miffy fans who appreciate the cheerful colours and bold, simple lines of the classic Miffy illustrations. If you're into quirky interiors and bold colour schemes, a Miffy poster may be just the touch your walls are looking for!

Did you know that Miffy is over sixty years old? She started out with floppier ears, then pointier ears, before settling on the look we all know and love. Miffy was originally created in the 1950s by Dutch artist and writer, Dick Bruna, based on a rabbit he saw hopping around whilst on holiday in northern Holland.

Now, Miffy is one of the most instantly recognisable and well-loved children's characters of all time, and you can enjoy her Miffy magic in your home every day!

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