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Read all about it with Miffy!

The Miffy books are where it all began, and at Miffy Shop, you can add to your collection!

Miffy first appeared in 1955, in Dick Bruna's first book, “Miffy at the Zoo”, and then appeared in over thirty further books. The most recent, “A Gift For Grandpa Bunny” was published in Dutch only, in 2009. The Miffy books have been printed in over 50 languages, with over 85 million copies sold to date. A perfect early introduction to reading for small children, the Miffy books are twelve pages long, with each page featuring one illustration and four lines of rhymed text.

One of the most wonderful things about Miffy is that the stories are about situations that children can relate to. Whether it's going to school or hospital, playing in the snow or going to the playground, these are moments children can identify with. Children are able to increase their vocabulary and their reading confidence with familiar subjects and the loveable character of Miffy.

The Miffy stories have been a part of many of our childhoods, having now reached over three generations of children. Pass on the pleasure of Miffy to the children in your life with the gift of your favourite Miffy book, and keep the little bunny's legacy hopping on!

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