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Get messy with Miffy!

Everybody loves getting messy, with paint, glue, stickers, or food. So make sure you protect your favourite clothes with one of our gorgeous, brightly-coloured Miffy tabards or aprons. In wipe-clean oilcloth material, these items are perhaps the handiest Miffy products you could choose! Or, for the Miffy-mad child in your life, why not choose a kid's Miffy top featuring the iconic face of everybody's favourite bunny?

Miffy was created back in the 1950s by Dutch writer and illustrator, Dick Bruna. To date, the Miffy stories have sold over 85 million copies worldwide, and have been translated into over fifty languages. Her storybooks have won the hearts of millions of children and parents worldwide for three generations, and now you can pass on the joy of Miffy to the children in your life, too.

Whether you read the stories as a child or not, the chances are you'll recognise Miffy's cute little face. After all, she's had her own TV series and movie, as well as featuring in so many quirky Miffy products.

Here's a little Miffy fact: Did you know that Miffy's original Dutch name is 'Nijntji'? That's the shortened form of the diminutive term 'konijnje', which means 'little bunny'. Now you can impress your friends with your Miffy knowledge!

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