Miffy Bunny Toys

Miffy is the happy little bunny who has captured the hearts and imaginations of children for three generations. Originally created by Dutch artist and graphic designer, Dick Bruna, back in the 1950's, the Miffy stories have become a household name that has stood the test of time.

It's no surprise that sweet little Miffy is so well-loved by so many. After all, who can resist a gorgeous toy bunny? Babies and children love Miffy bunny toys, from the cuddly plush bunny toy they can snuggle up with at night, to the Miffy stacking blocks and shape sorter toys that are the staple of every happy childhood.

Here at Miffy Shop, we have a wide selection of beautiful Miffy toys, perfect for baby gifts, birthdays and more. Pass on the joy and laughter of everybody's favourite little bunny with a Miffy gift. There's so many to choose from, you'll want to pick them all!

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